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Doodles and art on sticky notes

Canary Yellow is your friend and mine.

1st post. I love post-its. Posting.
I think this community is so sweet..

from my senior thesis film (i posted the whole thing below).

post-its are magical.



My friend Kayla inspired me with her randomly saying "IM TO BUSY SPARKLING!!" so yeah

Im new! :D

I know its not much right now but i RLY RLY wanted to post up something on here since im new and all!

I hope to make new friends and be inspired by anyone here :D!

for now take cares all! :)


"There is nothing I cannot do!"
tree, me

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday ;)

I've been meaning to post this pic for a while, but I lost it. It's just a mobile phone photo of my computer at my old job. The conversation bubble says, "There is nothing I cannot do!"

What can you personify with sticky notes? Would love to see more pics! :)

Here are a couple more stickies ...Collapse )

A couple stickies
Hi guys! I haven't posted anything lately so here are a few silly things ...

social networking insomniac fortune cookie

Time to get some sleep ... :)

(no subject)
so  I am having some trouble with one of my design projects. I have to think of 50 non-traditional uses for a regular yellow 3" x 3" post it note.

Such as, covering up a hole in the wall or covering up an ex's face in a photo. Something along those lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Getting the worm
tree, me
Hi guys! I drew a lot of stickies this week. Here's a bird and a worm ...

Procrastinator Bird Gets the Worm Later

And here's an egg and a road ...

so the egg crossed the road ...

True story.

Note and doodle
This is a note to my boyfriend.
I first did it on a scrap piece of paper, but then wanted to try to do it under paint and I think it came out cute... so.. here it isss....

And by the way.. I'm 22 and he's 24.. lol   :-)

Self portraits
'83 dandy lion
self portraits

I tried to draw some self portraits for my new sticky comics website last night. I don't think any of these really worked but it was worth a try I guess :)

Also, here's an angry robot:

angry robot


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